The Wealthy Gardener

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Life Lessons on Prosperity Between Father and Son

The Wealthy Gardener is a book written by an accomplished writer, John Soforic. It is a nonfiction book, based on Business and also Personal Financing and Investment. The narration of this 12 hours long book is given by Dennis Kleinman. The book on the subject matter gives good lessons on affluence between a father and son.

The story is about the author himself, who is a financially independent person and also a father to his 21 years old son. The father and son duo used to meet on weekly basis in order to discuss a range of lessons particularly related to prosperity. A parable was employed for the sake of clarifying the financial understandings and enhancing the ongoing interest of his son in the subject matter. All this education and knowledge sharing between the father and son continued for 2 years. The summary of all the interactions and knowledge gain is shared in this iconic book.

Pedagogy of the Oppressed: 50th Anniversary Edition and Trick or Treatment are a couple of their novels written by John Soforic. He is an expert on a variety of nonfiction writing domains. His other books are more towards psychology, science, technology and even medicine field, which will impress you with the vision and thought provoking analysis of the writer.  Moreover, putting all this stuff in an exciting and understandable way makes his books more relatable among his followers. Then the narration for his audio books adds new life in them as well. Therefore, you literally have no excuse to go on and listen to his stuff as it will inspire you to the maximum and something that you could listen repetitively after a certain period of time.






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