The Witch with No Name

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Kim Harrison is an author with a fantastic literary writing career graph and has improved a lot with time. She has got excellent command over science fiction fantasies and one after the other has come up with the most phenomenal novels. The Witch with No Name is one of them. It is a paranormal science fiction fantasy and part of The Hollows novel series. The Good, the Bad and the Undead and American Demon are her other supernatural fantasies that could be highly enjoyable.

No one better than Marguerite Gavin could have done the narration of The Witch with No Name. Audience just loved the performance and there wasn’t any loophole to be identified. In this novel. Kim Harrison, the author brings back her extremely famous protagonist for one last time in this epic battle.

Rachel Morgan this time has come a very long way fleeing a job from klutzy runner. She has faced a lot of werewolves, vampires, witched, banshees and those soul eating demons as well. Rachel has channeled gods, crossed worlds and has accepted her fate as a day-walking type of a demon. On this journey, she has lost all her loved ones including all friends and family. An old enemy however has become someone a lot more than before.

The power accumulated demands a lot of responsibility as well. The world-changers are bound to pay a hefty price and that time is just now.

Rachel risk almost everything and this makes this ultimate chapter of The Hollows series quite interesting. The author brings this griping novel and the series to the best possible conclusion ever. Audience loved the ending and it just couldn’t have been better than that.

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