The Witchcraft of Salem Village

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Christianity has its firm rules against witchcraft from the beginning of time when the church had its dominance over culture and crown. Whoever was ever found guilty of black magic and witchcraft was hanged in the public square so that a message can be conveyed to the general public.

With the emergence of a new society, the people of the world became more cunning in several things one of which was false accusations. For the sake of revenge, it became common in Europe to accuse the opponent of adultery or black magic.

And when such madness used to start almost the whole town was taken in by this evil. One after the other got accused of false crimes and the death penalty was the only thing they received. Shirley Jackson the legendary author whose pen wrote We Have Always Lived in the Castle and The Lottery, and Other Stories takes on a true incident in this book. The author explores the pages of American history when a group of girls started this ugly chain of abusing people of the town for witchcraft.

The girls used to listen to Tituba i.e an old woman who convinced them about witchcraft and other evils like that. With those things imprinted in the mind, the girls started accusing the locals of the town, and soon the whole society was engulfed into it.

Shirley brings to us a real story for the first time and that’s why she has not tried to add her thoughts to the matter. Gabrielle de Cuir during narration adopts the same sort of pattern and instead of using high vocal cords, the narrator keeps it simple and plain.

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