The Wolves of Midwinter

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Most of the people were of the view that it was a bad decision that Anne Rice made when she left her masterpiece series “The Vampire Chronicles” and started this new one related to werewolves. For some both mean the same thing as both are related to worlds other than humans. But the writer has proved each and everyone wrong. She has introduced an entirely new realm and there is nothing that we can find associated with Prince Lestat or Blood Communion.

In the previous part it was observed that the young man started liking the animal instinct that started to develop in his human body. The romance is in the air as the love can be seen in the Man Wolf’s heart and though previously the stories in past were usually about the beast taking over this one is the opposite. We see more human dominant Man Wolf this time, but the fantasy novel takes a turn when a ghostly figure comes out of nowhere in a terrible state. The Man Wolf has always been more of a Christian instead of letting the barbarian self out all the time that he usually likes.

The story thus goes into the animal world more after that. Ron McLarty is with the narrator’s job and the yelling scenes and the wounded situations are done with extreme care and the book’s ending shows that the trilogy is quite near. There are rituals that amaze us and make the story more religious type and also there is a talk of Christening all the way to the end. Dialogues are stronger than ever and the punch lines are forever.





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