The World of All Souls

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Here, Deborah Harkness decided to use three other narrators including herself. And the decision was just spot on.  This is the insider’s guide to the all-time best selling trilogy of The Book of Life,  Shadow of Night and A Discovery of Witches.  It features a vampire scientist Mathew Clairmont and a witch and historian Diana Bishop.

They delve into architecture, literature, and mythology. Their combo brings history to life and they move to the past and back to the present in a bid to discover the Book of Life.

Deborah offers a complete representation of the storyline with alchemy, magic, maps, and character biographies. If you’re an art lover, you will love the original artworks and fascinating facts that are the bane of the story.

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It takes you to the world of mysteries and magical secrets that seem almost real but quite far from actual reality. The history surrounding the characters is also something anyone can explore differently.

And the narration to this trilogy is devoid of any blurry or absurd description. All characters in the trilogy are described exactly the way they appear in the book.

The book is written in such a way that the answers you seek in book one are provided either in book two or three. The author did not miss to clear issues or confusions with the roles of characters.

That’s why it’s good to begin from the first book and continue to the next and the third book. That way, you will always feel you’re part of the entire series from the beginning till the end. Member Benefit

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    The Book of Life

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