The Wounded Buzzard on Christmas Eve

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Finding peace and learning how to keep everything normal is the main intention of the Cowdog hank. This is the Book 13 in the line of stories called Hank the Cowdog. John R, Erickson keeps on writing the stories around the life events and courageous fights of Hank the Cowdog and has narrated them well for the sake of providing the best listening experience for those who love listening to the adventures of Hank as he protects the ranch well beyond his capabilities.

This is another adventure-filled story of Hank when he tries to get some rest on the Christmas Eve and wants to stay at home for some cozy sleep. But things never turned out to be the same as Hank imagined and get to the trouble when he has to go out on a shopping spree with the one he with right now.

He finds themselves hit by the Buzzard on the windshield and now it’s a heck out of many things to manage all the hassles that come one after another on this eve.

In other stories like Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and Lost in the Dark Unchanted Forest, you could have found many things related to problems solving and the case solution that Hank has to find but this one is a hilarious trip and that turns out to be a responsible trip that Hank has to handle.

The author has written the story smoothly and make it a fun by adding some hilarious events along with new songs that kids would enjoy the most.




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