The Wrath of the Great Guilds

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Slowly reaching the conclusion point in this sixth episode the Mechanic and the Mage are in a precarious situation. They have escaped the deadly fangs of the assassins many times, fought epic battles and fallen in love too which they have no time to enjoy at present. The author Jack Campbell has never allowed things to get out of hands and sums up strongly. The author of the fictional stuff should always be like this having firm belief on his fantasy only then can he make the audience believe on what he is saying.

MacLeod Andrews emerges as a polished narrator towards the end of the series and now possesses quite a lot of fan following. The Great Guilds in the beginning of this last episode is ready to launch a one of a kind mission for the eradication of Dorcastle. Because if the Great Guilds fall this time their rule on Dematr would be over and if they manage to defeat the Mari her rebellious group would be dashed to the ground.

It’s one final battle and a decider for sure, now Mari and Alain are not worried about their lives even. We hear about the prophecy again and again in the previous parts like The Assassins of Altis  and The Pirates of PactaServanda  and the prophecy says that Mari has a chance of winning. What the prophecy does not say is the fate of Mari and her trusted ally.

Whether they would live or die in the battle no one can tell. Possibilities and impossibilities hang in the balance and the end will clarify what the fate of the new world would be, after the wars and the upcoming storm.

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