The Wrong Unit

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The Wrong Unit: Rob Dircks

The Wrong Unit novel is a work of science fiction fantasy. The man behind the creative and spellbinding writing of this novel is Rob Dircks. The book from the author is a standalone novel and it will make an outstanding read where you will not feel like putting it down until you actually finish it. A few more tempting novels from the author and actually from his popular Where the Hell is Tesla? series are Gigi Make Paradox and  Don’t Touch the Blue Stuff! Novels.

Rob Dircks is the narrator f this novel as well just as he has been doing in almost all the novels that he has written so far. He makes a good choice as a narrator as fans and critics rate him pretty high for his energetic voice and subtle tone used for such a science fiction fantasy novel.

I really don’t know that why these humans are s cranky about when they got everything. They are known to have large enclosures, they consume roughly 1000 calories a day and they are also allowed to mate. On top of all this, they also have got me, the Autonomous Servile Unit, which is placed in a mobile chassis. I do my part of work quite well while keeping all the humans happy and healthy.

Heyo… That is my name actually. It is quite easier for the people to remember. I guess I have got quite used to with this.

The author yet again has delivered a terrific novel for the audience. It is thoughtful, charming and heart wrenching, all at the same time. The humor in this one is also something very special which will keep you mesmerized for hours.

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