Thief A Robin Monarch Novel, Book 3

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Robin Monarch an asset for the CIA and shown as a true patriot from the beginning was not always the same guy with the same profession.

In his youth he was a thief and it was then the CIA got a hint of his talent and recruited him in the department. That recruitment surely has paid off and the suicidal missions in Rogue and Outlaw proved Robin’s worth for the department in the time of need.

Mark Sullivan presents Robin again in the form of a thief here and now he does not steal for himself rather he has a noble cause, he steals for the poor children and the woman who took care of him when he became an orphan.

Arsenault’s mansion is selected by Robin and his team, the man has a lot of hidden wealth in his vault and thus is not among the nobles of the town. Robbing such a man is not a crime for the gang because the wealth that he possesses is illegal and thus he too is actually a robber.

But money was not the only thing Robin Monarch found that night in the party that he arranged as a smoke screen. The thief found out an ancient secret that has been kept away from the world for a long time i.e a secret of eternal life.

Anyone can kill or get himself killed for such a huge thing and all Robin can do in this situation is what he does best i.e run. Chase is on and everyone is after him because he has something that cannot be bought by wealth even. Jeff Gurner’s voice gets extra hasty in chase scenes, it is apparent that the narrator gets breathless while narrating quickly, so he should try to keep his calm in all situations.

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