Think BIG and Kick Ass in Business and Life

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Two big guns i.e Donald J. Trump and Bill Zanker have produced this book in which they share their experiences during their business careers. Success was not always there for both of them but they never came on the back foot because of failures. Once they have decided to invest in something they did and bore the consequences manfully. Together they tell the general public about the way one should think in life. Everything starts in the brain first and you cannot achieve that thing that is not present in your brain. Bill once started his business with just five thousand dollars and today he has become a billionaire all because he had a dream to do so.

Trump takes part in narration too along with Alan Sklar to tell the people what strong mind he possesses. He has failed more as compared to his successes in life, there were times when he was down and out but he emerged all because of the way he thinks. Ideas define a man in his business as well as personal life too. The two legends have given chance to other people too in the book who are also high achievers in life.

By listening to this book you will get a better feeling just like you got through Trump: The Art of the Deal and Why We Want You to Be Rich. A billionaire approach gets induced in every person who listens to this book once or twice. Real stories of success make a person believe that miracles do happen in this world if you keep on dreaming about them with full faith all the time.

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