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Thirteens is a beautiful audiobook for children. It is a book based on action and adventure and this is something that all children including preteens love to the maximum. The book is written by Kate Alice Marshall. She has done some considerable work for children and has soon become their favorite writer. Rules for Vanishing is another book from the author for children and young readers, which is highly recommended.

Keylor Leigh is the narrator of this chapter and the performance was quite satisfactory and almost like what a children audiobook should have.

In the town of Eden Eld, three 13 years old disappears after every 13 years. Weird!

Eleanor has just settled in the calm and beautiful Eden Eld town. When she woke up one morning then she discovered an old grandfather clock outside her new room, which she has never seen before. But, soon she spotted a large bird who was staring at her just as she boards her school bus. And then, a black dog who had red glowing eyes started to follow her as well. All she wanted at that time is to be normal and all these happenings were far from being normal. The worse thing was that nobody else could see that which Eleanor was seeing. This was getting much weirder.

Thirteens’ book lasts for a little less than 6 hours in audio format and it is packed with nonstop entertainment throughout this time. This book will surely be a great fun experience for action and adventure-loving kids and this matter, it is highly recommended. The audio performance by Keylor is also up to the mark.


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