This Immortal

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It is another Fictional blockbuster by Roger Zelazny after a series of ten books about the Amber world. Author creates another fictional hero of unique capabilities but he has no passion to rise in repute. Rather he wants to live a peaceful life in the galaxy and this could only be possible if he does not return to the Earth. Again like other heroes in The Guns of Avalon and The Hand of Oberon Conrad is launched into trouble by his fate. Working as the art commissioner he gets the job of a tourist guide for the alien grandee and the destination is Earth.

Not able to say no to the authorities Conrad goes with the grandee and this simple tours soon turns into a mission that needs the full skills of the man who has a special connection with all of it. Author does not tell us anything about Conrad at the start and his hidden specialties come before us as a surprise.

He proves that there was a reason he was away from the planet but now when he has returned he will not go without settling the matter forever this time. Hidden suspense is no surprise in Roger’s books but this was a shorter version and not long like the Amber World Series thus the author kept things quite tamed. Victor Bevine does not try to tame his voice in narration and gives it a full flow after the story reaches the earth and the secrets are revealed. Story has other secondary characters in it but still it is more of a one man show throughout till the end.

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