This Lie Will Kill You

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Fiction and thrill and always the best combination especially when there is a sense of revenge in it. Chelsea Pitcher has created a masterpiece out of nowhere. The story starts in a simple and plane manner but the intensity is increased after every few minutes that pass. There are five characters in the story and all of them lie at the beginning about a night almost one year ago. The lying of these teenager shows that each one wants to save its own skin and perhaps they know a bit more than they pretend to know, they just want to forget that particular night by telling false tales about their experience but they are unaware that truth is the only way out for them this time.

The five teenagers toward the middle find themselves in a trouble with no way out except to tell the truth. All five of them are trapped by someone who wants revenge but after knowing the truth that what really happened that night. The teens are invited for a game that can make them win fifty thousand dollars but later they realized that it was a trick to summon them together in an isolated place so that the truth can be revealed and the criminal could be punished for his crimes.

They gather at a place where their will don’t matter anymore. The creation of the scenes in the whole drama raises the horror of isolation in the story till the final resolution of this murder mystery. There are four narrators used in the narration of this thriller and no doubt Caitlin Davies, Michael Crouch, Joy Osmanski and Jayme Mattler have played their part with maximum skill and have left no weakness in the description of the whole story.     


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    1. This was really good for the people that hat reading i loved the book i was supposed to read it but i forgot my book at a party and it help a lot!


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