This Side of the Grave

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Old lovers now husband and wife have received a terrible fate after engaging themselves in the blood bond. Fighting battles has become their daily routine and they spend more time in duels than with each other. Destined for an Early Grave was a really wicked ride in which the evil vampire wanted to claim Catherine for himself. Luckily the two are still enjoying their freedom and love of each other. The latest attack that makes the two worried is not on their home rather it is on the vampire world.

Being a part of this world for so long Catherine and Bones just can’t leave the situation unattended. Someone is trying to start a war between the vampires and ghouls. For this purpose that hidden force is killing vampires and ghouls at the same time so that the doubts raise more between the two rivals. Catherine and Bones know what is going on but they don’t know the face behind the crime.

Ghoul’s queen is approached quickly because she can calm her men that might provide Catherine the time to look for the real criminal behind the happenings. The main concern of Catherine and her husband are the humans that could die if a war starts between two powerful species. To make the ghoul’s queen ready for the treaty both husband and wife sacrifice heavily this time.

But they are sure like Halfway to the Grave that together they would be able to perform this impossible task. Tavia Gilbert is back in the narrator’s seat once again here, she missed the last book but here she is back with a bang. Tavia because of her wide experience with the series has developed quite a skill over Jeaniene Frost’s work so she performs better than any other narrator.


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    Destined for an Early Grave

    One Grave at a Time


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