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We can all do anything if we want to and we are confident about it, it is our low confidence that kills our passion and enthusiasm to progress and prosper in life. Walter Mosley especially writes this motivational book to encourage people that they too can write great books. No one is born a great writer it is through skill and confidence he goes to bigger screen in the world.

And it is not just simple motivation that we get from the book; the book has a lot of details and stuff that can act as a guideline for the people who want to write novels. What should be the way you adopt to present the story is always the first question that is in front of you. Some writers use narrative technique while the others like to present the background on their own. The author of a book should always have strong hold on the theme of the story and the climax should be superb i.e like a ride in the roller coaster.

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It is not something that is even related to Devil in a Blue Dress and Down the River unto the Sea it is a totally new concept of a writer who wants to make more writers like him. The book is like a guide book by Mosley equally well narrated by Dion Graham who too gives it a cool, calm and understandable voice. Thus an admirable book that has opened a new dimension to writing and surely more writers will follow the pattern in the years to come when we will see writers emerging from this guide book as well. Member Benefit

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