Those Left Behind

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Stress and tension is loaded in this episode and now we can clearly notice that each one of the episodes is with different idea and though the story is in continuation but the writer has not thought of it in a single go. The collection of ideas is given the shape of a story each time new book is formed. Mark Tufo has left loose his ideas to weave into patterns of their own and create something that is pure and raw.

This provides a natural outlook to the wonderful series that has appealed to the audience for a long time. The battle for survival has approached to a point where one wrong move can destroy everything for the Talbot. They have been successful in adding more and more people in their team but at the same time they have lost many precious lives.

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Lives of the ones that were near and dear to them, people who were once close to them got eaten away or changed to ashes in front of their eyes and they had no option instead of running away as far as they could.

We see many such moments in Zombie Fallout 5 and Til Death Do Us Part and other parts as well. After the fifth part we have observed a change in the attitude of the Talbots they want to remember more and more of their friends and avenging them is an option they have erased from their list.

That’s where they are going down as humans in comparison to the vampires. Sean has improved and the weakness in narration observed in the previous part is totally gone and we hope that the series ends with the same narrator. Member Benefit

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