Those Who Dare

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Raiding forces series starts with this masterpiece by Phil Ward who has seen the wars and different missions through his own eyes and that’s why whatever the writer tells us appear to be real  all the time as the description of each war scene is in quite detail.

The writer can even tell the inner feelings of the characters as well because he has closely analyzed the people in such states. John Randal because of his passion for big things joins the British army’s mission though he himself belonged to the U.S army. This mission provides him everything, first of all the most wanted love that he always dreamt off in form of a widow Jane Seaborn.

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The story has the element of thrill in it but it cannot be termed as a thriller as  the novel has everything and thus is a nice blend of humor, action and love. The novel also tells us about the training of John Randall and his transformation into a Major at the end of a successful mission.

The writer has very closely analyzed the life of a soldier and the problems that he faces during his missions that could be quite tough on most occasions. The novel is linked to books like Guerilla Command and Roman Candle as far as the theme is concerned.

The suspense is the main thing that separates it from these other two novels, also the novel is narrated by two narrators this time Miles Meili and Shauna MacDonald which was the right thing to do for such kind of a story where there are many characters talking at the same time.



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