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Nicoli Gonnella never allows the characters to rest whether they are on the side of good or evil. Both sides have been battling in this series for a long time and Felix finally has achieved the upper hand in the war. Felix has sacrificed a lot for the safety of the city and it is good to see that he has finally got what he deserved.

He has remained unbeaten and he has made the enemy retreat which means that he and his friends can rest a while and they can also enjoy this newly established peace. This peace does not continue for a long time because the ancient seals on the prison have been broken and Archon is trying to get to a power source once again. The army and allies of Felix decide to split in this situation because the enemy is coming from more than one side.

One team has to guard the territory while Felix must return to the Foglands where the Waterfall Temple is said to have something precious in it. The enemy is also in search of that power source that can help in turning the course of the war. With Travis Baldree’s voice, the story gives a better feeling because the narrator is wonderful with these kinds of things. The door of the Lidless Eye holds the key to everything on this occasion.

If Felix reaches that place in time then he will be able to help his friends who are waiting for him on another front. Nicoli Gonnella makes the story more stupendous here than Fury and Dissonance. The author has always tried to produce better stories for the fans who always expect the best from him. Keeping everything up to the mark is surely not easy but Nicoli has maintained that in every book.

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