Til Death Do Us Part

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Michael was just a person but then he became an icon in the human world because he was a symbol of strength for everyone around facing the zombie calamity. Even the zombies now think that killing the Talbot family will clear their path forever. That’s why the whole focus of the zombies is on Michael and his family from the last two parts.

We have seen a chase in Zombie Fallout 5 in which all of them thought that Michael and his family was dead but they survived the devil of death. Now the circle around them starts squeezing as the strangle hold of the zombie empire is ready for their final destruction. This chapter too starts with certain new people being added who are in desperate mode to meet Talbot family.

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BT, Mrs. Deneaux and Gray want to see Michael so that they can keep their hopes alive. There are certain fake news about the death of the legend and now as the three approach the den they discover that the rumors were true after all. Mark Tufo closes the first part in a very beautiful way and the series goes to the next level where human fights back though the hopes are lost but not the passion. Still the same narrator Sean Runnette continues with the sixth book and the narration is another cause of association for the listeners who have developed a liking for the rhythmic voice that he possesses. The second phase also makes another thing clear that the end is not near at all. We will see the war after a very long time because none of the sides are ready for it although they are preparing for it.

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