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The name Tinker suggests that we would be meeting a cute girl with a decent attitude towards life. However when we see Tinker narrated by Tanya Eby our opinion about the name changes forever. She is a technology expert with an attitude that can outclass any creature in the universe. When she takes a stand against or for anything she is not backing down whether the whole planet turns against her. Tinker runs her business of constructing different devices for the elves which work like magic in the whole state.

Business is properly legal as she clears all the bills and taxes, still, she is taken to the Elven court because of a misunderstanding. Going to the court and a risk to life was not a big problem for the girl because she is not the timid type. All she became worried about was the love of her life. Her planning for her first kiss got perished because of this issue created by the Elven court and she is not ready to forgive anyone for that.

Struggling for her life the girl has one skill that can save her i.e her expertise in gadgets. When Spencer gives the character the skill with which she can even counter magic and curses. Just put Endless Blue and Elfhome aside if you have bought the three in the same bunch. The character of Tinker will hit your mind rock solid and you will be willing to act in such a daring way yourself. Finding a girl with a rogue boyish attitude is rare these days and seeing one is a true pleasure for the audience.

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