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Titan is another brilliant book written by Ron Chernow. It is a biography based on the life of John D. Rockefeller Sr. The narration of this 35 hours long marathon audiobook is done by Grove Gardner and you will really love it throughout its narration, as the story of the man is so inspiring and beautifully told and narrated here.

John D. Rockefeller Sr. is known as the first ever billionaire in the history and he is also a patriarch of the most famous dynasty of America. The author Ron Chernow gives here a detailed account of the history of the great man.

He was born to a flamboyant, snake oil salesman and a prudish mother. He manage to rise from the rural origins in order to become a billionaire and also the richest man of the world at his time. He managed to get that much money by setting up the most influential and feared monopoly ever seen in the history of America. It was his Standard Oil, which was branded as “The Octopus” by the masses of the gossip mongers.

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He manage to influence trust of the stakeholder sin the oil industry and was able to market or occupy the 90 percent of oil that was produced in America. Rockefeller without a doubt was the most controversial businessman ever in the history of America, but was immensely successful as well.

Biographies and memoirs are specialized genre of the author Ron Chernow. He is a highly capable writer, who bring sup many books on great personalities and histories, which are backed with excellent research. If you are looking for more excellent books from the author then you should checkout, Grant and Alexander Hamilton.

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