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Final war approached the land in the previous book and now the author tries to give us a detailed picture of that war in which Horus has the upper hand. Horus was injured but still his forces were dominant on the defenses of Terra.

Flying ships have landed on the surface and the combat has started which could be the last resistance from the loyal guards of Terra. God-machines are at use and there is no survival after death, it is only a matter of time when only dust would be visible on the land.

Beta-Garmon the last defense line is perishing and the next stop would be the Emperor’s castle. Guy Haley loads this book with Titans to show the seriousness of this enormous battle that is taking place at Beta-Garmon.

Horus fully aware of the situation is ready to die here for the cause because the Warmaster knows that if he goes back from here all the struggles would be lost forever. Jonathan Keeble narrates a fully balanced war at this stage because both sides are loaded with same kind of weapons and men, only decisive thing is the patience to bear hardship at this stage.

The Devastation of Baal was an awesome book and then Guy also got the honor of writing the initial parts of this series like The Lost and the Damned thus he was surely perfect for the painting of one of these ending parts. These Titans were actually induced in the series by Guy and now the author talks about their demise one after the other in the battlefield. Although story has not yet concluded but here guessing the ending or making prediction has become a lot much easier.

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