To Kill a Mockingbird

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Harper Lee presents the racism in the thirties when the black was seen with extreme hate and justice was something that was never provided to them even when they were innocent they were not given a chance to prove themselves in front of the court. To kill a mockingbird has humor, history, and violence on a large scale.

The prejudice that the white people had for the black is told in open words and the writer has used certain historical references as well in order to prove his point of view in front of the reader.  The novel because of its particular quality was termed as an anti-racist novel at the time when it was published. Jem Finch the main character unveils the mask of hypocrisy through the tale and presents the bitter realities of life which surely terrorizes us at most of the points.

A crisis makes the southern town suddenly awake and the crisis is not a natural calamity it is the crisis in the heart and soul when they kill a mockingbird means when they did injustice with a black and punish him in a rape crime that was perhaps not committed by him. The novel surely touches our hearts even further when we hear it in the voice of Sally Darling who could be considered an expert in such narrations which are full of sentiments and hate at the same time.

There are a lot of sentiments at one side and extreme hate on the other side for the black race that was assumed to be a slave at that particular time of which the story talks about.  Readers also like books including Void – Garon Whited and Ruth’s Journey: The Authorized Novel of Mammy from Margaret Mitchell’s “Gone with the Wind” (80Kbps) – Donald McCaig for reading and listening to the interesting stories.


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