To Thunderous Applause

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Author Keith C. Blackmore continues his excellent storytelling in this fifth book of the series. Together with John Lee the narrator, they have properly linked the first book all through to the fifth book. In About the Blood, the fourth book, Blackmore portrays the various struggles of the gladiators and how they’ve tried to survive in their world of blood and bath.

This fifth series continues in that manner, but there are some additions to counterplots, twists, and more interesting characters.

To Thunderous Applause answers, s,ome questions left unanswered in the previous book. It puts more things into perspective and provides an exan cellent interpretation of each of the characters involved in this action-packed epic fiction. If you’re looking for a book with more fascinating plots and dramas, this book with definitely fill your taste.

The fighting season continues in this fifth book of the  131 Days Series.  Goll realizes he may have struck a painful chord in the camp of his opponents. Now the battle is no longer a battle of wits or power, but one of vengeance from the gladiator. There is a bigger vengeful force he is too afraid to confront himself.

As the Gladiators keep fighting in the pit, Brozz is more interested in fighting for his life and survival. As he escapes been brutally killed, he seeks refuge with one of his old friends.

Meanwhile Halm of Zhiberia, who wants to retire from the arena game and live a normal life, finds out that taking that decision will not be an easy one.

In fact, it does not solely depend on the fighter. While all these characters are facing their various challenges, a gruesome enemy is breaking grounds and threatening to strike Sunja’s heart and destroy the arena games.


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