Tokyo Raider

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The Power landed on the earth in the first episode of this series and since then it has been transferring magical abilities to those who stand by its side. Monster Hunter International and Servants of War stories were comparatively different compared to this book. Here Larry Correia has introduced a robot too which is trying to fight for the side that has created it.

Bronson Pinchot is once again the narrator of the story and we can say that the narrator has also started enjoying the story because we can feel it from his voice. The Japanese Imperium is at war with the Soviet Union now and it is not the war that used to take place in the past among the human race. This one has magic in it and the people from both sides are taking the help of magic to defeat their enemies.

The Russians have taken the help of a supreme demon that can eat up the enemy within no time. The Japanese have a robot that they have constructed for their defense. Joe is in control of that robot and it is up to this lad to save the nation from going extinct. Once again the Power will decide the fate of the people from both sides.

Joe has the Power and the robot in his hands and he must play according to his own plans which have to be good. The series is the same but the author has introduced new characters and we can say that it is the dawn of a new era which the author talks about in the new installment.

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