Toll the Hounds

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Steven Erikson is a talented fictional literary writer. The Malazan Book of the Fallen became his identity very soon. As per that stats gathered in 2012, over 1 million copies of the subject series were sold worldwide.

This shows how brilliant the series has been so far.  Of course, it depicts Steven Erikson as a fabulous fictional writer. Gardens of the Moon was the most popular novel of the entire series and it also was the first chapter of the grand multi-volume saga. Dust of Dreams is another chapter out of the series, which was also warmly received by the audience and was much loved in its audio form.

Toll the Hounds is a science fiction fantasy. The novel is part 8 of the Malazan Book of the Fallen novel series. This is a long chapter that lasts 44 hours in its audio format. For all these hours, you will be entertained nonstop by the powerful and stern magical voice of Michael Page, who is the narrator of this chapter.

Darujhistan is known as the city of blue fire. It is well-known here that Death and Love both shall arrive only in dancing form. It is summer now and the heat in there is intense.

However, for the rotund and the small man in the old red waistcoat is not just because of the yellow inferno star shining. All is not absolutely well.

All the dire portents plague all his nights and at the same time, haunt the streets of the entire city just something like the fiends of shadow. Assassins were all loitering in the alleyways, but this time, the quarry had gotten back and the hunters themselves have become hunted.



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