Tom Clancy Firing Point

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Tom Clancy Firing Point is the 7th installment in the Jack Ryan Jr. novel series. It is a book written by Mike Maiden and it is categorized as a fictional novel. The author is known for his work on the Tom Clancy universe revolving around the character of Jack Ryan. His most prominent novels include Tom Clancy Enemy Contact and Tom Clancy Line of Sight.

Scott Brisk is back yet again to satisfy the demands of his fans and followers of the Jack Ryan Jr. novel series. He is fantastic once again with his so adorable voice that is full of expressions.

Jack Ryan Jr. was enjoying his vacations in Barcelona when he surprisingly runs into one of his close old friends at a café. Renee Moore looked to be more surprised at first to see Jack Ryan Jr., but soon she started to get distracted and irritated.

Jack left the café after making plans about meeting later. He missed out on the opportunity to speak to Renee Moore ever again as the café was destructed by a suicide bomber just a few minutes later.

Jack Ryan Jr. jumped right into the ruins of the café desperately to save his friend, but it was too late. She took her last breath in his arms and uttered one word, “Sammler”.

The police on the location were quite suspicious of Jack but soon they got a call from the intelligence service agency of Spain. This event resulted in sending Jack on a search to find the exact reason behind the death of Renee. On his search, Jack discovered that Renee had many secrets of her own. Some of those secrets might have gotten her killed.

Tom Clancy Firing Point is a gripping and thrilling tale. The novel is highly recommended for Jack Ryan Jr. fans.

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