Tom Clancy Line of Sight

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Tom Clancy Line of Sight is the fifth edition of the Jack Ryan Jr. novel series. The book is a work of fiction. The author of this novel is Mike Maden. He is an American novelist. His contributions in the Ryan Jack Jr. series are regarded as his most renowned work, which revolves around the Tom Clancy universe. If you want to know about his best novels then Tom Clancy Firing Point and Tom Clancy Enemy Contact are the ones to check out.

The narration of Tom Clancy Line of Sight is done by Scott Brick. He is one of the best audiobook narrators available today. The performance in this novel was top class with no noticeable issues whatsoever.

It was 26 years ago when Dr. Cathy Ryan managed to restore the eyesight of a Bosnian girl. She got injured during a brutal attack during the then Bosnian War. Her son today, Jack Ryan Jr. is determined to find that young Bosnian woman and give her a letter from his mother. What he discovered then is something very shocking.

The helpless child with visionary problems then grows up into an incredible woman. Her name is Aida Curic who is a self-assured beauty. She is known for having a very big heart and probably an even bigger secret. She uses to run a controversial refugee camp which was just near Sarajevo. Jack Ryan Jr. discovers himself deeply drawn to both her beauty and her love for the country. But, it didn’t take him long to find himself in the crosshairs of some serious ethnic tensions. It was time for Jack to switch priorities.

Tom Clancy Line of Sight is an outstanding addition to the Jack Ryan Jr. novel series. The adventures of Jack Ryan Jr. continues this time in Yugoslavia and you will just love it.

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