Tom Clancy True Faith and Allegiance

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Since the takeover by Mark Greaney the series has changed gear and the issues are more serious the missions more awesome in all respect. Jack Ryan Jr. works with a team now formed by his father and consist of his cousins mostly but the father and son still come up like the real heroes all the time. The other characters are not given that much of importance at all, there has been no homework related to them by the author.

Scott Brick narrates these secondary characters in the same passion but he does not try to change the talking style for them because it is not necessary because of their minor role. The US nation has fought hard in Threat Vector and Command Authority the threat was always there but not fear. The nation has stood strong and compact with its president and luckily the Campus is still there to unleash hell on the enemy.

Whether it is a person or a nation it remains strong as long as it is guarded by allies and trusted friends from all sides. Here there is a danger that lies within the ranks which is more threatening than a ticking nuclear bomb. US Navy commander is attacked all of a sudden and though he survives but the investigation is on that who pinpointed the location. Then there is another issue related to CIA official in Iran, which means that the CIA’s hidden identities are not that secret anymore.

Within the nation there is someone who is leaking highly secret operations and soon the US will lose its grip over the planet. That is not all the man or the source can bring threat to the US too from the inside. It is just awesome to listen to this piece of art on the weekend if you like suspense and a hidden agenda working in the background.

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