Tongues of Serpents

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Naomi Novik is a brilliant American novel with expertise in speculative fiction. Tongues of Serpent’s book is chapter 6 of The Temeraire Series, which is a science fiction fantasy. Uprooted and A Deadly Education are the other two brilliant speculative fictional novels from Naomi. For the Uprooted novel, the author won the prestigious Nebula Award for the Best Novel and then also the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award in 2016.

Simon Vance is an experienced narrator who is the chosen voice for the audio performance in Tongues of Serpents novel. As expected of him, the performance from hi was marvelous and amazing.

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Temeraire along with Laurence are both convicted of treason. They got stripped off their rank and standing. Eventually, they both get transported to New South Wales in its prison colony. Along with them also traveled the 3 dragon eggs who were supposed to be handed over to the 2nd-grade officers who were comfortable in taking a remote assignment. This also included an ex-acquaintance named Captain Rankin whose cruelty cost the life of a dragon once in the past.

They reached a young Australian colony that was in turmoil especially post the overthrow of William Bligh, a military governor. He was formerly known as Captain Bligh and lately as HMS Bounty. Laurence and Temeraire were looking to set free from the political bog. They accepted a mission through the Blue Mountains that lead them to the interior of Australia.

You will find the exciting global adventures of the amazing Captain William Laurence along with Temeraire, his spectacular fighting dragon. The story gets so exciting when they both are thrown together to fight for Britain amid the Napoleonic Wars.

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