Too Close

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Too Close is a crime mystery thriller. You will be amazed with the super-exciting suspense of this novel. It is written beautifully by Natalie Daniels, who has given great attention to finer details in the novel. The narration of Too Close is a joint affair between Clara Salaman and Sara Stewart.

The novel is very engaging and will keep you right at the edge of your seat throughout its narration. It is a haunting psychological thriller related with the story of a woman, who has been entrenched for an extremely atrocious crime. The psychiatrist is then assigned for this mysterious case, who was responsible for uncovering the truth, which was lying somewhere deep beneath the madness.

The prime character of this novel is Emma, who is working as a forensic psychiatrist for quite a few number of years. She was tough with many criminal situations and took most of them as normal routine work. She doesn’t used to get shocked very easily. After that, she got her new assignment to work with Connie, who was a wife and also a mother of a suspect of a dreadful crime. Connie was later diagnosed with dissociative amnesia, or at least it apparently looked.

Now, it is all up to Emma to consider and decide, whether there is any chance for Connie to stand for all her sins. But, there is something really strong and mysterious about Connie, which actually pulls Emma very conveniently into her orbit. Maybe, it is the path she want to see through Emma, while speaking to her about the strongest insecurities of her life, marriage and as well as her bad and tragic past.

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