Transfer of Power

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Vince Flynn knows the art of engaging his audience and how to keep the interest going one after the other chapter in his novel series. This is exactly what he has done in this 3rd book of the interesting Mitch Rapp novel series. The espionage agent is back with a great mission again. Nick Sullivan’s powerful voice serves as icing on the cake in order to make it a fine writer-narrator combo for the audience to enjoy.

The stately calmness in and around the White House in Washington got totally crushed, when a deadly terror attack took place in the executive mansion of the building. The president during the incident got safely evacuated to a bunker, underground. In the meanwhile, almost 100 hostages were taken by the terrorists.

Mitch Rapp had the reputation of a top notch counter-terrorism agent in CIA. He was deployed in that area to take full charge of the catastrophe. He soon finds out that the president in the underground bunker is not much safe as much as the elite powers of Washington might have thought.

Moreover, Rapp made a very surprising discovery in that situation and revelation of that thing could rock the entire capital to its core. The discovery was that someone within the current government was trying hard to fail the rescue mission of the president.

American Assassin and Lethal Agent novels also tells about the great success story of Vince Flynn as a fine crime mystery writer. His political thrillers with heroic detectives creates a great magic in his writing, which is equally matched with the high quality narrations given in these recommended books by the author.




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