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Johnathan McClain gets official as the narrator gets one more book to narrate after an excellent performance in Die Trying.  Jack never wanted to become an action hero; all he wanted with life was to remain peaceful. Ironically this is the one thing he never received from life, wherever he goes action and terrible happenings follow.

His efforts to vanish in thin air always fail rather during running he falls right into missions and fights that were never his to join. Running Blind could be taken as one of such books where he just wanted to disappear from the scene but the poor Jack is not a magician of course. When the audience meets Jack in this third part of the “Jack Reacher” series he is in Florida i.e a place where he thinks that he cannot be found by anyone including danger.

One knock on the door changes his perception about Florida, help is needed and there is no space for the word “No”. The investigator who came for Jack to Florida became dead meat after some time. Jack becomes more suspicious about the matter; he could be the next on the list if he does not find the killer and reason behind the murder. Days of relaxation and hiding are over for author Lee Child’s favorite investigator.

New York becomes the next stop, the tour unveils certain figures of the past which Jack thought he had buried forever. Not much love scenes in the third part but this is how Jack works i.e solo. He does not make friends and requesting anybody for help has never remained his business.




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    Die Trying

    Running Blind


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