Tropic of Cancer

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A novel by Henry Miller describes the author’s own experiences chiefly when he used to roam here and there on the streets of France. It was during those days when Miller understood life differently. The author saw and felt hunger when he was deprived of most of the luxuries of life. Together with his friends, the writer goes on a kind of tour of France during which they see the true and hideous picture of some of the places in the country. Because of these details, the novel was banned at first by the government as it was thought to be unsuitable for the general public. Later when the historic court took a broad-minded view of this literature, it provided it a better chance to spread.

Decades have passed now and nearly everyone who likes Miller’s works knows about this book. Not only this, but the work is also widely appreciated like the books Tropic of Capricorn and Big Sur and the Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch. Back in the era when this book was first seen in the open market, it gave a huge boost to the works of those people who wanted to talk openly in front of the general public.

Campbell Scott narrates some of the real-life adventures too of Henry Miller so if you think of it as a plain documentary then this is not the case. Book has all the ingredients of a good novel which includes fiction, adventure, and a real-life flavor.  For some people, the book lacks continuity in most places but it happens when the author is narrating a collection of events.

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