True Places

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Suzanne Blakemore was driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway, oblivious of the fact that the next few minutes will completely change the course of her life. She encounters a girl sprawled and lying unconscious on the roadside.

Her immediate instinct was to help her out and give her a chance to survive. As Susanne was taking her to the hospital, she thought it was just a normal help she was rendering to a stranger. She never knew that encounter is likely going to change the course of her life.

Suzanne’s life is one a lot of people will envy. She has a thriving family successful husband and a perfect house. However, one eyesore that has plagued her is the continuous nuisance her daughter has caused in her life. Her son is also withdrawing from his usual activities. Susanne is trying desperately to put these things right in her home. Until she thought she has seen an opportunity to do so.

After taking care of the 16-year old who has never come close to civilization in her life, she decided to bring her into her home.

Now Susanne is beginning to compare the lifestyle of Iris with the one she leads. She gradually finds herself loving the girl’s hate for materialism and love for solitude.  These qualities awakened an unusual living pattern in Susanne she finds amusing and enjoying at the same time.

Two Places explores living a purposeful life and family relationship. It touched on the importance of self-discovery and living a happy life.

Sonja Yoerg has a special way with words that keeps readers glued on the book till the very last end. The narrator also did a very wonderful job with perfect diction and proper emotion into each character.

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