Trunk Music

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Michael Connelly is a fascinating American author with expertise in detective novels and crime thrillers. Trunk Music is 5th chapter of the Harry Bosch novel series. You will be on a joyous mystery thriller ride if you select to listen to some other amazing novels written by the author. The Law of Innocence and Two Kinds of Truth are the highly recommended novels written by Michael Connelly.

The keen followers of the Harry Bosch novel series are well acquainted with the name of Dick Hill who has been the narrator in many chapters of this saga. He is also the voice in the Trunk Music novel. The listeners loved him for his soulful voice and amazing tone that makes it possible for them to last through the length of this novel.

The LAPD Detective Harry Bosch is back on his job after completing his involuntary leave of absence. He is all set for his new challenge. However, the murderous crime wing of Las Vegas might just prove for him to be a lot more than he could have imagined. It all initiated with the discovery of a Hollywood producer’s body which was found in the hood of a Rolls-Royce. He was shot on the head twice. And it looks like a Mafia hit, “trunk music”. But the organized crime unit of LAPD is just not interested. But, Harry discovered a string of gambling dents to Las Vegas and this was when this case became a lot more complex all of a sudden.

Dick Hill steals the show with his immaculate performance. His voice is well versed with these typical Harry Bosch style novels. He managed to deliver the courtroom drama with immense perfection and especially the interviews with the witnesses and suspects were just outstanding.


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