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There is a guide in our life who shows us the right way and those who are not blessed with a guide are really unlucky. Some of us name these guides our teachers or mentors while others call them peers. One word or the other, it means the same thing because the one we are naming is like a beacon house for us. That one person can make all the difference and so many times in life as we grow older we tend to forget the things that the person has told has and we need a booster dose. Sadly that person is usually not there at that point in time. For Mitch Albom i.e the author and narrator of the book, that person was Morrie.

Morrie used to be his professor in college and the man was of great help to the author. Mitch learned everything from his teacher and he thinks that he was lucky that he was able to meet his favorite professor a second time in his life. So not only was Mitch able to refresh the old memories but he also made a new ones.

Morrie was living the last days of his life when Mitch met him. Mitch started visiting Morrie’s house every Tuesday just like he used to do when he was young. It was like reliving his youth once again which was actually not possible. Have a Little Faith and The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto are also written on abstract thoughts but the material is well arranged and it is attractive like the rest of the books which the author has written.

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