Twisted Prey

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John Sandford is trying to infuse power into Lucas Davenport now and it was quite clear in the previous book when his status was raised to the US marshal all of a sudden. We are told that the rise was not because of his services as his services ended him up jobless after years of serving. The rise in power was because of the connections and bonds that he established in Golden Prey and Extreme Prey.

Now Davenport knows the way to rise and he thinks that it is necessary if he wants to get the strangle hold on crime. This time the hero has risen to the status of the US senator and enjoys the highest powers that he ever achieved in his life time. Still ironically he thinks that he is not free to act, it is the law that hinders his way. John Sandford wants to tell the world that everyone is bound by the law in one way or the other.

Those who choose the way of the corrupt are not always corrupt after all. Taryn Grant is the new enemy that the hero confronts now; he is sure that she is behind three murders but has no proof to prove it. This means only one thing i.e she is fit for the senate. There jobs and posts make them come close to one another and although the two don’t trust each other but they are not left with any other option in the book.

With up and down in emotion the story goes smooth in the voice of Richard Ferrone who depicts the female characters equally well as the male ones.

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