Two by Two

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It does not matter much if someone lacks certain things in life, as over time he gets used to the situation in a fine way. However, if a person has something in life for a while and after some time that thing is snatched from him he gets disturbed. For such a person the life ends on that day when he is deprived of his belongings. Very few people emerge out of these circumstances manfully. Nicholas Sparks has written some kind of a story here in which Russell Green at the start is blessed with everything a man can dream of. Wherever he goes people get jealous of his lovely wife and his high-paying job.

The tragedy of a single moment takes his job away from him and with it, his wife also goes away from him. After this tragedy no matter how hard he tried his luck seemed to be running out all the time. His wife Vivian not only broke his heart but she also broke his strength to rise again. The six-year-old daughter was the only thing Russell was left with and to survive he has to dig through the ashes. Narrator Ari Fliakos gives Russell the voice of a broken man who cannot even commit suicide because of his daughter.

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A glimpse of The Return and Every Breath can be seen on more than one occasion here, the sole purpose of the author is always to portray a broken person who challenges his fate. Challenging fate is easy but confronting it manly is another thing, to confront the hardships a man has to show full determination and commitment. Member Benefit

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