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Threats that once gave the four girls a chill have now become reality, their lives perish in front of their eyes and there is nothing they can do about it. Dark deeds from the past just hover over their heads like bad luck that they cannot escape. Emily gets the slap first in form of a shift, she is forced to leave the hometown and move to Iowa. It was Emily who fell in love or had a crush on the new girl in the college. She tries to hide her feelings but now everything has just slipped out of her hands.

Living with the cousins in Iowa was the last thing that she wanted in the wish list but here she is facing the situation of her life. Sara Shepard paints Aria’s fate much worse than that of Emily. Aria wanted to be with her English teacher in Pretty Little Liars and when her feelings got out of hands she went to a bar for a timeout.

Luckily the man that she was blessed with for the night was the same person she was stalking the whole summer i.e her English teacher. That one moment caused her much since then but she is not ready to let go of the bond that was created in the bar. Sadly that bond breaks here as Cassandra Morris narrates about the imprisonment of the man that used to make Aria go wild in thoughts.

Spencer too is trying to save her skin as the police are on her tail for a big case. But Miss Beautiful i.e Hanna is nowhere to be seen because she is in the hospital with death approaching her sooner than all of them expected. After Perfect no one was ready to see the four bad girls in such a situation because they were thinking of a way out. Here they fail in all their attempts and the villain plays with them like puppets.

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