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Since book one of the Cradle series the writer Will Wight has tried to portray his main characters as legends. They are given so gigantic a stature that one might think of them as demigods. They have supreme powers along with an intellect that cannot be surpassed; even meeting them could be considered the opportunity of a lifetime.

They fight in epic battles and though they lose some and win some but none of them can be called a coward or could be considered weak than the other. If one has an upper hand it would be because of the fact that he was well prepared or was presented with a better opportunity in war. In Under lord we observed the same scenario.

This seventh part however combines all the heroes present on the Cradle. We see Emriss, Akura, Reigan and other such people like the king of dragons. All gather at a certain place along with their heir or the best student they possess so that they can see that which one of them possess a better successor. So one thing is clear that we are going to see another competition, this time between the new generation and this will decide the future of all the clans and the races living on Cradle.

So it is up to the future kings or the so called uncrowned kings to make their kings and clans proud. The competitions are tough like always and it is trademark of Will’s writings that he adds more and more to the same theme. Travis Baldree’s narration has looked more energetic because it is a new he deals with this time.




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