Under the Dome Audiobook: A Novel

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Under the Dome: A Novel By Stephen King

The Story that comes within the Novel Under The Dome is not lesser than a great Sci-Fi that horrifies anyone who may think about being trapped in a transparent dome on the whole city. Though there many things that make up the story as it progresses, Stephen King is capable enough to plot the whole story in an interesting and capturing manner that you would even believe if you are there with the people that are being captured within the transparent dome.

The whole scenario proceeds from the time when the dome gets on to the city and separates it out from the rest of the population around it.

Under the Dome: A Novel

The inhabitants inside start struggling to escape and survive at the same time. While the military people outside it keep trying to get into it by breaking it through and still fin no hope to get things improved through continuous efforts.

The whole struggle, uncertainty, horrible moments and the fight against the unknown terror force is a great way to feel the event and make sure the listener would get into it with no chance to leave the story without reaching to its end.

Raul Esparza has made it even more impressive with expressive voice matching art during the narration process. The overall story paired with the perfect narration make it a great audiobook you may enjoy. The whole story is composed perfectly and make sure you keep building on interest as it follows to its conclusion. The story follows the similar them as experienced in The Stand, and  Salem’s Lot.

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