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Karin Slaughter rose up the ranks of the brilliant writers in a quick time. She is more into writing the crime mystery thrillers, where the modern detective has a strong and major role to play in carrying the story to its conclusion. A very good and unique thing about her novels is that she almost always have a lady character playing the leading role.

This is something that you would relate with her style of writing and the stories she has to share with the larger audience. If you want to see some of the best works by Karin Slaughter, then you must check out her novels The Good Daughter and Pieces of Her.

Undone is a crime mystery thriller. The book is part 3 of The Will Trent Series, which is a modern detective novel. Kathleen Early has done the narration of this chapter and it turned out to be a fascinating novel in audio with her sharp and powerful voice. The way she carries the suspense in this novel with apt expression is something that make this audiobook so special.

Right in the trauma center of the busiest hospital of Atlanta, Sara Linton is working there to treat the unlucky and the wounded people of the city. She used to find refuge from the horrific and forgettable tragedy, which rocked her entire life. It happened in the rural part of Grant County. Then all of a sudden, Sara is found thrust into a serious police investigation. She had to come face to face with a tall and muscular detective, Will Trent and also along with him is a quiet and alert lady partner.





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    1 thought on “Undone”

    1. Yet another edge of your seat mystery thriller by Karin Slaughter. I have now finished the fourth book in THE WILL TRENT SERIES. Hoping the entire series is here. Not only does K.S. write great thrillers but I have learned a lot – My guess is she has saved a life or two. Excellent listen and would recommend this series to those who love a good mystery and look for books in the thriller genre. Thanks Tokybook for another great listen.


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