Unleash the Night

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Action starts with the decision that Wren makes for himself, Wren one of the Were-Hunters has lived his life as an orphan and that’s why he does not care about anyone. He makes his own decisions and is the most stubborn lad of the clan. Once his eyes are set on a target it is no going back for him. Now this time his eyes are set on the daughter of the senator i.e Marguerite.

Marguerite too is not an ordinary girl she too has unique character, being so long in the world of fame and richness she has no appeal for it. She does not like her father and the rest of the human world which makes her a perfect match for the one who is the mixture of snow leopard and white tiger. There love however is not that simple, it is the joining of two worlds which is impossible and none of their families would allow it.

Wren’s clan would surely kill him within no time when they will come to know about his relation with the human girl. Though it is not impossible but Wren’s connection with the outside world can endanger the world of the Were-Hunters. People from both sides start the hunt of these two lovers in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s latest novel narrated by Fred Berman. Love never disappeared in Night Play and Winter Born as well and that has been author’s primary target i.e to show love in the world full of lusty savages that are mostly thirsty for blood. Passionate power of love make the lovers stand against the forces that they cannot tackle but still they fight fearlessly for love.

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