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A long series can only survive until the author has some secret spices with him till the last chapter of the final part. Shannon Messenger is one of those authors who likes to keep an upper hand in all the stories. The twists and turns govern all the parts of this series and now it has crossed its eighth part but still there is a special kind of energy that can be felt in the story. The book has two portions, in one half the listener gets the information of the Lost Cities that have not been told in the previous chapters by the author.

The author has not added something up here rather he had all of this in his mind since the beginning of the series but he was waiting for the right time. He wanted the audience to crave for more so that when the truth about the land comes before them they would be ready to absorb every drop.

The second portion of the series totally focuses on the characters such as Sophie and Keefe who have made it this far but there are dangers ahead which look difficult to tackle. Caitlin Kelly i.e the narrator of this series narrates the hidden truths about these characters too. Their powers which they haven’t used before are revealed and the paths which they have chosen so far finally start to bore fruit.

Sacrifices are needed the kind that were present in Everblaze and Exile so even if the heroes win in the end they would have to lose a lot. Losing precious friends and the places which you love can often leave deep marks not on your skin but in your heart.

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