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It is time for the finale of this long romantic series which had secrets that can tear your mind apart; the lovers in different parts were all extremists. They race for answers, search for clues and even when the secrets are horrifying enough to take everything away they don’t give up on the partners. Ryan was all lost in Twisted but Ruby Lee never gave up on him and now the lovers are together now.

Before the start of their love life they have certain issues which they want to solve and tragically two new demons have emerged in their love life. Past has played quite a role in Helen Hardt’s whole series and it is the past that forms the future for the steel’s. Talon and Jonah also emerge on the scene after a little longer time than expected and they not only want to help their brother but also want to end all this.

The evil has been roaming on their family for too long now and the time has come to put an end to their family’s miseries. The ending drama and the opening of the secrets between Ryan and Ruby were mind blowing. Helen Hardt never lost grip on the plot and the scene development. Sequence was not apparent but it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t there.

In the end the listener suddenly feels that the sequence emerges in his mind as all the parts come together for the epic ending. Aiden Snow and Lucy Rivers luckily show no lazy or causal behavior in narration because if that would have happened the impact would be lost.

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