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Zoey Redbird’s life has been playing with her, at one moment she has everything and the very next moment she is deprive from all of that. Life has been a battle for her not only in the real sense but also in metaphoric sense too. When the audience met Zoey in Chosen and Betrayed she had three boyfriends and it was a tough thing for her to decide that which one she should chose as a final candidate. Now she is left with none as all three have left her at the same time after the situation that occurred in the last book.

It is not about these three alone, the rest of clan has also isolated Zoey. Drastic situation has left her with only two friends who are among the undead and they lack the Mark too. To add to the miseries of Zoey, Neferet has ordered a war against the human world because the humans started a campaign against them. For a longtime the two groups have lived together but they cannot bear the presence of each other anymore. P.C. Cast and Kirstin Cast bring this tale in the voice of Jenna Lamia this time.

The authors bring out the real faces of the human and vampire leaders who seem to have their own agendas. Between all of this is Zoey who from the bottom of her heart wants to rejoin the two so that she can be among her friends from both sides. For this she has to take part in war and prove that she is the leader the world needs now. Zoey slowly moves toward her destiny and her role in the battle will prove her worth for both worlds.




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