Until It Fades

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K.A. Tucker has invested on love stories more than any other writer and still the author is successful because of the newness that is found in the tales. Characters that are introduced in the story are always young and the age limit to which the author has gone till this time is twenty nine. Though the characters are not aged but it does not mean that they are not experienced, even teenagers in Surviving Ice and Be the Girl proved themselves mature than an average man in the forties.

Waitress in the novel is twenty four years of age and she has a five years old daughter which means that she got entangled in a love relationship when she was a teenager and that experience has made her a mature woman. She does not want any more scandals because she has already been the talk of the town once. Trying to keep a low profile all the time she dates ordinary men mostly tourists who don’t know anything about her and in the morning she acts as a waitress and earns for her daughter.

One night she was returning from a date when she saved a man and found out that he was actually a celebrity. Trying to hide from the cameras Catherine quickly slips from the scene but on the next day she finds Brett on her door for a thank you. Not only this, he has a feeling for her that scares her because such relationships and feelings are usually short lived. Shayna Thibodeaux through narration puts life in the feelings of a woman who has been betrayed once and is afraid that this second relation would end in the same way.

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