Until the End of Time

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Danielle Steel tests the true power of love in this novel; over the years the lady has been preaching the theme that love is the unending sort. If love ends than it is not true love at all thus no need to cry over it at all instead you should spend time in finding the right one.

There are two couples in the novel and both are present in different timelines but there is a link between them. The first couple that is introduced in the voice of Nick Podehl is of Bill and Jenny both of them are ambitious to live their dream together.

Bill was once a lawyer but then something within him forced him to join politics and he left the family line of business. Now he happens to be a successful politician, his wife on the other hand the fashion crazy lady left her passions for the love of her life.

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They are finally together but then there is more that comes in the way of their peaceful life and they are truly tested. Author shifts us to another time zone and introduces another couple, Robert is a publisher who is in hunt of a novel and Lillibet the troubled girl has written a wonderful novel that she wants to give to a publisher.

Through the novel the fate of these two characters is joined and they come close together. Much like Daddy’s Girls and The Wedding Dress the two get a chance to come together and the novel plays the role of a stimuli in this regard. It is not the love at first sight at all rather the two get a chance to understand each other and then decide that they can co-exist in the best possible way.

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