Up from the Grave

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Catherine fought hard for her life and the life of her vampire husband after which she can relax for a while. Bone appealed her from the moment she saw him in Halfway to the Grave still she showed reluctance because of many reasons. The vampire never left her, though she tried to run away at first he was always there to embrace her with an open heart.

Then after marriage life proved to be hell for them but they carried on. Now finally their efforts, sacrifices, and struggles have provided them with the leisure time they once dreamed of. Happiness proves to be short-lived once again as another war approaches the threshold and Cat just cannot run away.  Catherine worked for the CIA and the rest of the security departments of the government in One Foot in the Grave here she is needed once again.

A CIA agent has turned into the enemy of the state and he is disturbing the fine line between the vampires and humans. The agent has secrets that should be left locked in the memory attic as bringing them out could mean big trouble. War can start between the two species which no one can afford to face. Bone and Catherine are the bridge that connects both races and damage to anyone would certainly make them torn to pieces.

Jeaniene Forst presents Catherine in a tense posture at the middle of the novel, to stop the war she first searches for the motive of the agent that no one has any knowledge about. Tavia Gilbert’s voice quivers in one or two lines which is not a usual routine with the narrator. So it cannot be considered as an error.


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